Compare and Contrast

Behavioral Therapy vs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy is therapy that focuses on observable behavior and experiences that have promoted some form of learning from the person's actions. Behavior therapy contains four main areas that include classical conditioning which is learning through pairing objects or events, operant conditioning which is learning from their consequences of your behavior, social learning approach says that our environment influences our actions, and cognitive behavior therapy that states that what people believe and the assumptions made influence how they act and even how they feel. (Corey2013)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy's main focus is that what a person believes to be true influences how they feel about themselves and the things around them and how they act and the consequences of those actions and behaviors.

Goals of Treatment

Goals of Both B.T. and C.B.T.

1.Create Personal Choices

2. Client takes an active role in goals of treatment

3. Determine measurable goals and behavior to achieve them

4. Attempt to put goals into actions, ex: Socialize if necessary

5. Social Skills training

6. Conditioning by positive and negative reinforcement

How Goals Can Be Used

1. To promote better behavior by setting goals and sticking to them

2. Learning to make choices and set personal goals

3.Assessing beliefs and how they affect behavior and why those beliefs are present.

Which is Better for the Treatment of Procrastination

I believe that the better treatment for procrastination would be behavior therapy by way of operant conditioning. This can be done by setting goals with a client and to list previous times when they have procrastinated so that a discussion of the consequences can then take place.