Jean Piaget

By: Darieyn Biggs

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Jean Piaget was born on august 9, 1896. Much of his childhood was influenced by his father, his father was a man who was very dedicated to his work and studies. At a young age Piaget would choose studying over recreational activates. He was mostly fond of natural science, at the age of 11 is notes over part-albino sparrow got published. After Piaget began working with intelligence testing at a French boys school is when he started becoming interested in intellectual development.

Theory & Stages

Piaget was a cognitive theorist. Piaget had become interested with children's logic behind there wrong answers to questions that required logical thinking. He believe that these wrong answers reveled the differences between a child mind and a adult mind. So he created the four stages cognitive development which are sensorimotor, preoperational,
  • concrete operational, and formal operational. Each stage is based of on the a age group.
  • sensorimotor : Birth - 2
  • preoperational : 2 - 7
  • concrete operational : 7 - 11
  • formal operational : 11 - adult
  • Real life example

    Piaget's theory had a lot of influence on the theory and practice of education. It is has been used to create an idea of developmentally appropriate education. There are four main teaching suggestions that have been taken from Piaget's theory that are applied in most classrooms today.

    1. To focus of the process of children's thinking

    2. Recognition of the crucial role of children's self initiated, active involvement in learning activates

    3. A deemphasis on practice aimed at making children adult like in their thinking

    4. Acceptance of individual differences in developmental progress.