Internet Safety

by Aleyah Hunzeker


Most people don't think too much about passwords, but it is very important to make it something someone can't guess easily. Some hackers use software that keep trying passwords till it gets the right one. This software can easily identify weak passwords,but strong passwords are harder to guess. Many people put their passwords as something like their spouse's name, a hobby, or simple because it's easiest to remember but it is also the easiest for hackers to guess.
Internet Password Safety

Personal Information

When people make an account on any site they tend to use personal information. When you are creating a screen name you shouldn't use anything like your address or your last name. Most social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat have an age requirement, those are there to protect you. Also remember that even if someone asks for your personal information it does not mean you have to give it to them. If it actually becomes a problem you should probably tell someone or try to block them.
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Not many people are educated on computer viruses, but a lot of people should be. For one thing it's probably a good idea to install a free anti-virus download and firewall protection. Make sure to keep your virus definitions up-to-date. Avoid clicking on pop-up ads and I wouldn't open any emails from unknown sources. Doing online banking or maybe online shopping could put your private information at risk. So, save online financial transactions.
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Online Shopping

To be honest online shopping is probably one of the easiest ways to shop. But it's super easy for hackers to reach your personal information and use it against you. Using familiar websites will help you because you probably trust that site which is always a good thing to do. Not all shopping sites will need your birthday or your social security number to buy something so always be careful. It's also better to use the apps like amazon or ebay so you make the purchase directly.
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Online Games

Remember when you had to go to the arcade to play your Pac-Man, well now it's as simple as sitting on the couch at home. Although it may be easier you can also get yourself in trouble playing total strangers and you may even be connecting with the biggest creepers out there. Teach yourself to become familiar with the gaming site and know how it works. Just beware of what could happen, don't wait till something actually happens. Usually gaming sites have some way of blocking unwanted chatting or unwelcome users, report something if you feel you really need to. Don't wait.
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43% of teens from 13-17 have reported being cyber bullied somehow in the past year. I feel like most cyber bullying now is starting rumors or or gossip. It really is hard to avoid it but you need to realize they aren't going to stop until they feel like they've done enough or until they break you. Most cyberbullies remain anonymous, (to me that makes it sound like their scared) because of the consequences. To make sure your safe just text your friends and people you know, I wouldn't use any chat rooms. Its really not worth it and you never know what could happen.
Cyberbullying 101


I text my friends all the time and I'm sure you do too, but do you text safely and what do you do when you get a random text from a number you've never seen before? First off you want to make sure when you are texting someone you know that you aren't saying anything you wouldn't say to your grandma. Also you shouldn't send any pictures or language that your mom would get mad at you for. Next thing is when you get a text from someone you don't know you could text back saying sorry wrong number but it would be best to just leave it and have them realize it was the wrong number, defiantly don't start a conversation. If the text they send you worries you, you should tell someone you trust or block them, if you can report them.
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I'm gonna be honest it's hard to remember different passwords for all your different social networking sites but it's best to make them all different. Hackers today have really up-to-date "gadgets" that make it easier to hack someone. If your not sure about something and it's making you think twice about it just block it to be safe you can always unblock it later on. Never click on a link you didn't expect to pop up. The main way hackers hack is using links so don't do it. Be cautious about public WiFi don't just go around connecting to every one you see. And last use anti-virus software to top it all off.
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Internet Memory

The internet had grown so much to today and I don't know what to do with it all. Although it may be so big it remembers everything you put on it. You should make sure to be careful what you put on it, you have no idea who may be waiting to get you in trouble by asking for something you shouldn't send or post. Your path on the internet has been around since maybe before you were born, starting with a simple text your mom sent to her mom saying she was gonna have you. It really is fun to be online and communicate with your friends but you have to make sure it isn't gonna hurt you in the long run.
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Identity Theft

A lot of the emails and phone calls you get are important but make sure the ones that aren't important are in your trash. So many people today are getting there identity stolen whether it be from stealing your credit card or just pretending to be someone you aren't. It's so important for you to make sure your keeping everything that needs to be safe. If you are really concerned that your identity may be in bad hands visit to report and recover from identity theft.
Internet Safety: Protecting Against Identity Theft