Getting to Know me

Xavier McNeil

Mom, Dad, Spencer

About me

My full name is Xavier JaGarland McNeil. I was born in Kingwood, Texas, but raised here in Huntsville. I went to school at the YMCA, Scott Johnson, Huntsville Intermediate, Mance Park, and now at Huntsville High. I have one brother named Spencer who is in college attending Texas A&M at Commerce. My parents both went to Stephen F. Austin which is were they met. My Dad was a running back for the Lumberjacks! Soon after graduation they got married!

I love basketball! I have played football before and people always ask why i don't play anymore. I just don't like playing football, but I have been playing basketball since I was 3 years old! One day I dream of being an NBA star like a lot of young men or a sports attorney. However, before any of that, I would like to attend Baylor University. That is my dream college. But as for right now, I am a member of the best class ever, the Class of 2015!

My Cousin Paris

Paris Is my little cousin, but she feels like my little sister! She practically lives with us. She loves singing, running, laughing, and especially pictures. She also has a little car, actually a mercedes, that she washes every time I wash my car. She is the most hyper, funniest, cutest little girl I know and I couldn't love her any more.