The Amazing Jaguar

by Jusean Parks


A jaguar saw it's prey then it ran very fast. What if you were the prey- what would you do?

In this article, you will learn about a jaguar's physical characteristics, food chain, and fun facts. Hope you have a fun time reading.

Physical Characteristics

The jaguar has many interesting physical features. They grow up to 6ft and weigh up to 100 to 250 pounds .It has black spots that look like roses It gold hair. My animal has a very deep roar, and some times it can purr like a cat. They are one of the fastest animals. They run up to 50 to 65 mils per hour. That is really fast some parts of the forest they blend in. This is called camouflage. This means that other animals cant see them. That's a lot of cool stuff.
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cool jaguars

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food chain

The jaguar has a cool food chain . It is a carnivore a carnivore is a animal that olny eat meat . The jaguar eats crocodile , armadillos , fish, cattle , and , deer. A jaguar is a predator a predator is a animal that eat other animal. The jaguar is at the top of the food chain.When a animal is at the food chain that mean that no other animal eat it. first is the sun give energy grass. The grass give energy to the armadillo. The armadillo give energy to the jaguar. Then when the jaguar die decomposer eat it.Hope u really like this stoy
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fun fats

Jaguar fun fats is really cool. I will name some of them did u know jaguars was the 3 largest

animal in the north central and south.they have black spots that look like roses they are called roserles. Cool what if we had spots that look like roses. Jaguars color is cool they are yellow brownish with black spots . it's a tape of leopard it's cool some of them are faster then a chatta. jaguars do not avoid water


Remerber if u were the prey you better run as fast as you can . whats your favorite animal