Weekly Notes

October 11-17

Focus of the Week: Respectfulness

Yankee Candle Fundraiser Continues through 10/23

Monday, October 12

Happy Birthday, Cheryl!

Tuesday, October 13


Carver/Maurus Meeting @ 9:30

PBIS Meeting 12:00-4:00 (Frisk, Skowronski, Vasiloff)

Fire Drill #2 @ 2:00

MTSS/RtI Meeting 4:00-5:00 (Anthony, Frisk, Hrit, Kopy, Maurus)

Wednesday, October 14

Hempton @ PBIS Tier 2 training-AM

Maurus @ Title I Training @ WCCCD- Brundage in

Thursday, October 15

Spirit Day!

Title I Interviews- Maurus @ central office 8-12:30

Friday, October 16

NO STUDENTS- Professional Development (Project Based Learning)

PBIS Tier 3 Training- AM at RESA (Kopy, Maurus)

Upcoming Dates:

10/20-VIsit from Camp Storer 1:15, Staff Meeting 4-5:30, JCC Meeting 6:00, Camp Meeting at Pierce 6:00

10/21- DTE (4th Grade) in the media center 10:45

10/22- PBIS Booster Day

10/23-Data Meetings, Fall Fest 6-8

Hrit's Revised FRIDAY Schedule effective October 30th: (PD on the 16th and Data Meetings on the 23rd)

Each Group is 25 minutes instead of 35.

8:40-9:00 prep

9:00-9:25 5th Grade Math Group

9:25-9:30 transition

9:30-9:55 3rd Grade Reading Group

9:55-10:00 transition

10:00-10:25 3rd Grade Math Group

10:25-10:30 transition

10:30-10:55 5th Grade Reading Group

10:55-11:00 transition

11:00-11:25 4th Grade Math Group

11:25-11:30 transition

11:30-11:55 4th Grade Reading Group

11:55-12:00 transition

12:00-12:25 2nd Grade Reading Group

11:25-11:30 transition

11:30-12:55 2nd Grade Math Group

12:55-1:00 transition

1:00-1:45 lunch

1:45-3:35 prep for 20 minutes, other 1.5 hours for meetings, special projects, coaching, etc.

Now that Sylvia's Gone...

Lisa Hrit has revised the 2nd-5th reading and math workshop groups to absorb Sylvia's students until a replacement has been hired. She will put a copy of the revised groups in your mailbox Monday morning. However, if you'd like to view them before for planning purposes this weekend, please click the links below.

2nd Grade Reading

2nd Grade Math (Brigette will still push into Martha's room and as soon as someone is hired, he/she will push into Dave's room)

3rd Grade Reading

3rd Grade Math

4th Grade Reading

4th Grade Math

5th Grade Reading

5th Grade Math

Notes from Carver

Sue has noticed that there have been no students coming down to call home. This has been greatly appreciated and helpful.

If you have a sub, please make sure that your sub takes attendance and sends it to the office. Carver will provide the form.

If you are getting too much milk in the morning with breakfast, just give Carol a count of what you need each morning. All students do not have to be offered milk in the morning. Please send extra milk back to the kitchen to be refrigerated.

We will use the PA, now that it is back on, for all communication. If we require you to answer your phone, we will tell you to answer the phone over the PA.