Cinderella VS Yeh-Shen

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One day a beautiful young lady called Cinderella wanted to go to a ball but she couldn't because her step-mom and step-sister won't let her.


One day a little girl named Yeh-Shen had only one friend and it was a fish. But her mom murdered it with a dagger!


- Yeh-Shen has one step-sister and Cinderella had 3 step-sisters.

- Cinderella had no friends and Yeh-Shen had a friend.

- Yeh-Shen lives in a cave and Cinderella lives in a castle.

-Yeh-Shen wants to go to a festival and Cinderella wants to go to a ball


- Both girls

- Both have a step-mom and step-sister

- Both have fairy god mothers

- Both want to go somewhere

Readers Review

I liked Yeh-Shen better because I would like going to a festival than a ball. And I like how she made it work with out her fish.