Tips about Changing Jobs

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Tip 1: Have another job line up.

Be looking for jobs ahead of time. Even if its hard DONT NEVER LEAVE if you do not have another job. Make sure its real and guarantee job.

Tip 2: Be Prepared...

Review all the documents you signed when you took the job you are leaving, make sure its not illegal you quitting that job on the spot. Some business or corporations it is illegal to walk out without 2 weeks notice at least.

Tip 6: You want everyone to be a positive reference.

Try and be positive to your co- workers and bosses. Don't want to leave on a negative note. Never a good sign to leave with any people to back you up.

Tip 7: Don't leave your employer in a bind.

You may be eager to start your new job in two weeks, but with a company project in the final stages and your boss in need of your help or extra work, you may need to stay longer.

Tip 8: Show gratitude toward your co workers and boss.

Verbally thank them or write a personal note describing how the working relationship positively benefited you. Thank them for there help and be grateful for the job they gave you.