Mrs. Hamblen & Mrs. Whaling's K-3

January 25th - 29th

This Past Week...

We talked about the letter Pp, made a penguin, and painted pretty pink and purple P's!

We finished up our Hibernation unit. The kids really enjoyed playing in the "bear cave" all week!

In Bible, we learned about Nehemiah and how he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, and restored God's ways there.

We Have lots of birthdays coming up in February, March and May. Please feel free to send in a snack on or around your child's birthday. A few ideas for snack are cookies, cupcakes or donuts. Some people send in special plates, napkins, drinks, fruit, etc. too, but this is all optional. :)

Don't forget to send in at least one shoe box if you can! Thank you to those who've already sent some in.

Next Week...

Next week we will learn the story of "A Lost Boy" (Luke 2)

We will learn about the letter Qq

We will start learning catechism #6


We will start to talk about Valentine's Day and rhyming words.

**We had 4 kids out sick Thursday and Friday. Make sure you keep your child home until they've been fever free for 24 hours. We have the kids wash their hands several times a day too so hopefully that will help with all the germs that are going around!**