Jay Gatsby's Trending Parties

By Thao-My Nguyen

Jay Gatsby is a wealthy man that lives in West Egg on Long Island, New York. He throws extravagant parties every Saturday night.

There are dancers, orchestras, drinks, and an abundant amount of entertainment. You wouldn't find a single person that’s not having a splendid time at these fabulous bashes. Many guests aren't even invited. They just somehow end up in front of Gatsby’s door.

Jay Gatsby is one mysterious man. People know that he throws lavish parties, but that’s pretty much all that people know. There are many different rumors about him. Most of the rumors are bad. Some say that he was a German spy in World War I. Others go as far as saying that he is a killer.

In reality, he isn’t any of that. Jay Gatsby was born as a poor little boy named James Gatz in rural North Dakota. He later changed his name to Jay Gatsby. As a little boy, James dreamed about getting wealthy and entering the rich class. He fell in love with a rich girl named Daisy. He met her while he was a military officer in Louisville before he left to fight in World War I. His love for Daisy added on to his want to enter the rich and luxurious class. While he was studying at Oxford after the war, Daisy married a wealthy man named Tom Buchanan. When Gatsby returned, he made it his goal to get Daisy’s attention and winning her back. He got extremely wealthy by bootlegging and doing other illegal activities. With his newly made profits, he bought a mansion in West Egg, and started hosting magnificent parties to achieve his goal of winning Daisy back.

I interviewed a fellow party goer about his experience at Gatsby’s party and he stated that “There was dancing. . .in the garden. . .a great number of single girls dancing individualistically or relieving the orchestra for a moment. . .vacuous bursts of laughter rose toward the summer sky” (Fitzgerald 46).