Weapons and Vehicles used in WW1

By: Reilly Glass


The was the main weapon used by the soldiers in the trenches. 15 rounds could be fired in a minute and a person 1,400 meters away could be killed.

Machine Gun

They fire power of this weapon equals about 100 guns. They need up to 12 people working on them. They fire shells which explode on impact.


The Germans were the first to use chlorine gas. Chlorine gas causes a burning feeling in your throat and chest. You die from suffocating. Chlorine gas had many flaws, so they used something even more deadly. Mustard gas was used to fire into trenches. It has no color and take 12 hours to take effect. Blistering skin, vomiting, sore eyes, and internal and external bleeding are effects of this gas.


Also known as blimp, was an airship that was used for bombing raids by the Germans. Transported weapon to other teams. The zeppelin was not used for long because it was too easy to shot out of the sky.


Tanks were first used in WW1. the first tank was called "little Willie" Maximum speed was 3mph. Needed a crew of 3. Tanks could not cross trenches. More modern tanks were then developed which could reach 4mph, carry 10 men, and had a revolving gun turret.


Planes were used for the first time. They were made to deliver bombs and for spying. Later on they became fighter aircraft with guns, bombs, and cannons. If a fight occurred in the sky, it was known as a "dogfight"


Torpedoes were launched by submarines. Germans used torpedoes to blow up and sink sips that carried supplies. The use of this weapon by the Germans caused america to join the war.


The use of this little device started from the Germans. They caused bombing parties, where on would raid another ones trench with grenades. The exploding devices was hand held which made it an easy weapon to always have on you. The weapon is used by pulling the pick from the grenade and it explodes on impact.

The Mortar

A short tube designed to fire a projectile. Used in the trenches for its size. Instead of having a huge cannon in your trench you used a mortar. This device is still used today.


Old fashioned cannons were used when you had a shortage on other weapons. Thy were not used in trenches because of their size so they were used on battle fields.