Celebrate Our Strength!

Gift our Resilience Cuff to Yourself or Others!

What Have You Overcome?

RESILIENCE. It's one of my favorite words. What have you, your sister, your mom and your best friends overcome? A LOT probably! I am THRILLED to invite you to celebrate your own resilience, and the resilience of the women in your life, with the purchase of this brand new Resilience Cuff.

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Why Is This Bracelet Special?

This bracelet will be powerful in two ways. 1. ALL NET PROCEEDS from its purchase go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation for women's cancer research 2. It symbolizes the BEAUTY, STRENGTH and FEARLESSNESS that make us who we are. It is $34, it is rose gold GORGEOUSNESS, and it will be a tremendous yet simple reminder, each time we glance at our wrist, of just how resilient we all are.

How Can You Get One?

The Resilience Cuff releases TOMORROW, September 10th. Email me at kimpowershoyt@gmail.com or text 513-373-7685 to reserve as many bracelets as you would like. My goal is to sell 100 this month and to make a significant contribution to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. Thank you in advance for your support!