The Second Passover

By: Colton, Keagan, and Catherine

When second Passover is celebrated

It is celebrated on the 14 of the month of Lyar. It is a second chance. It is one month after passover. The date changes every year. This year Second Passover is celebratedon May 22nd this year.

What they eat

Today we mark and commemorate the date by eating. They eat Matzo and Shmurah. They also eat bitter herbs and roasted lamb over a fire. They also drink wine.


They read the Torah. They sing and play games. They also can win candy or small toys. They also make cards.

Are they able to work?

They are able to work. They have small jobs like cooking the food.

How do they celebratethis holiday/occasion

They eat food. They also read form the Torah.

Why is it celebrated

The day is served as a second chance for those who were unable to bring the Passover offering on the end of the first Passover one month earlier the 14 of Nissan

Other intresting facts about Second Passover

The worlds biggest Matzah ball is 267lbs.

They drink Duch wine called Manischewitz.

Passover means that its never a lost case.