Digital Citizenship Project

Rhiley s P.6

Why it is important to have good citizenship?

It is good to have good citizenship because when you think about it it is reflecting what kind of person you are. Don't be mean to other people that is not being a good citizen. If you want to make friends you have to have good citizenship. Like I said y;our citizenship reflects on who you are. So follow these 7 easy steps and you will have citizenship.

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Think before you post:

What this means is if are in a group chat don't call people bad names just because you are on the internet.

Rule #2: Information Privacy

Don't click on a ads:

Do this because if you do than you can be hacked or be spammed. There are people out there that can do that to you and they can get your information that you don't want them to have.

Rule #3: Social Networking

be careful for what you post:

Be careful of what you post if it is embarrassing don't post it. Also don't post things that people would not want on there.

Rule #4: Online Saftey

Ask your parents:

You can make profiles on online network sites but be careful and if you do ask parents.

Rule #5: Cyber Bullying

Tell an adult:

If you come in contact with a cyberbully don't let them get to you. Take screen shots and show an adult.

Rule #6: Plagiarism

Don't copy and paste information:

Don't steal anyone ideas even if it is your sisters paper from a long time ago you can go to jail.

Rule #7: Copyright

Don't use things that are not yours:

If you don't get permission from the maker of it they can take you to court and fine you a lot of money. that is called copyright.