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Week of July 15, 2019

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Hello Riverside County!

Who is enjoying their summer? We are having a blast relaxing with friends, visiting at the splash pad park days and chatting at our Inspire Summer Beach Days. Have you had a chance to make it to one of our summer events? If not, pack up the kids and come on out! We always have some shade, great company and an excellent time! The kids have fun too ~ we want to meet you and can't wait to get to know our new Riverside County Families!

Share with us on social media what you're planning for this upcoming year!

Use the hashtag #HowIHomeschoolWithInspire

In this week's newsletter, we spotlight Inspire's

Online Subscription Package option - Grammarly! Also included are "How to" videos for navigating the Enrichment Ordering System, membership information for Inspire's new, non-profit Parent Organization - California Homeschool Parent Association (CHPA)

and upcoming virtual info sessions for all!

Please reach out anytime and get to know us!

We are so happy to answer all of your questions and guide you through

learning about homeschool philosophy, curriculum, and the homeschool lifestyle!

Don't let yourself drown in worry or fear over homeschooling.

If you find yourself there, reach out!

We hope to connect with you soon,

Audrey & Candice

The Adventure of Learning with Inspire Charter School!

Enrollment for the 2019/20 school year is OPEN!

Click HERE to enroll!

Sharing The Homeschool Heart...Tips for preparing for the new school year.

I've enjoyed countless days sitting in lawn chairs with fellow homeschool mamas discussing plans for the new school year over the last four summers. I visit with you on beaches and parks, at the splash pads all over Riverside County and at many of the Inspire sponsored info sessions. All of you are walking the same road and have the same questions…" What is the best curriculum to use this year for my kids, and how should I plan my school year?" The answers are not complex, although it can be scary!

The most straightforward answer is, use what works best for your child and your family. I do realize it can get overwhelming. There are more options out there than I could ever share, and the list grows daily! What a fantastic time for homeschoolers, right!? Keep it simple. Don't overcomplicate things, especially during the summer. Make a simple plan. Whether it's a separate curriculum for the four core subjects, a full curriculum that covers everything, or you're planning to wing it week by week and teach to your child's desired interest. All of these are great ways to prepare and plan for the year. All of these options will work. There is no one right way to homeschool, that is for sure!

Another significant part about homeschooling with Inspire is that you can start one thing, realize it is not a good fit for your family and then drop it. Just drop it right there, let it go and don't look back. I give you permission! This is one area that families don't realize is okay. Often we have the best of intentions and a spectacular year planned out, only to begin and find out that the curriculum or plan we've chosen is a big flop for the majority of the family. When that happens, rest assured that it is not a failure but an excellent growth opportunity. You have now learned a style or way to homeschool that will not work for you, at least for now. Have confidence that this is an excellent part of the homeschool journey and does aid in your endeavor to find the best way to educate your kids.

To avoid regret or buyer's remorse over curriculum, consider using our Lending Library system. If you're still finding your way and can't nail down the exact type of home educator you believe you are or the precise philosophy of education you feel best suits your kids, then use the Lending Library system! It's the best way to find curriculum, try curriculum, and not use a dime of your instructional funds! No risk, but huge rewards! This way, there's no stress if you borrow Story of the World books and all of the audios to go with it and your kids hate it and find it boring or dull. My personal opinion, Story of the World is far from flat and an excellent history curriculum! You may not agree though, and the lending library system is a great way to find out and not waste precious instructional funds on a curriculum you're not sure will suit your homeschool style.

You can also stop by our local Lending Library in Corona! There you can spend a few summer days looking at what is on the shelves and perusing our "Looking Library." The kids can hang out and read books, play games, and visit with fellow Inspire friends while you look!

Also, utilize our Riverside County Facebook page. We have thousands of experienced homeschool parents who enjoy chiming in when someone has a question about a particular curriculum or are often willing to list suggestions for items that have worked well for them. Just ask!

At Inspire, the sky's the limit! We provide so many opportunities for conversation and encouragement, and we love to help fellow homeschoolers! Every person at Inspire is thrilled to help you find your way. Reach out, keep asking, and start building up your confidence. You've got this, and we are always here to help!


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Dear Families,

We have exciting news! Membership for the 2019-2020 school year is now open to join the California Homeschool Parent Association (CHPA). This is Inspire’s new, non-profit Parent Organization!

(If you previously filled out the paper form to opt-in, we would be so grateful if you would also take a moment to complete the new online membership form below as we added some information. Thank you!)

If you join before July 19th you will be able to also participate in the elections for the 2019-2020 Statewide Executive Board officers and 10 Regional Community Councils. You will also be able to nominate yourself or someone else for the positions. Read the FAQ’s below to find out more. Elections will be held at the end of July, so we want to make sure everyone has a chance to join now!


The CHPA Founders

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Don't be a stranger...

Summer break is here! We want to keep in contact with all of our amazing Inspire families this summer. Make sure you subscribe to our weekly Riverside County Newsletter. You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of this newsletter and selecting the "Follow Riverside County" orange button. After entering your email at the prompts, you will receive a "confirmation" email from Smore. Follow the directions in that email to ensure your name and email are on that

mailing list for Riverside County's weekly newsletter!

This is the way to continue to receive the newsletter every week.

Other ways to stay connected:

Facebook - Join our Inspire Charter Riverside County Facebook Page!

Instagram - Follow Inspire Charter Riverside County on Instagram! @inspire_homeschoolcommunity_ie

Make sure to use the hashtag #HowIHomeschoolWithInspire

to share what you are doing this summer!

Contact us! Your Riverside County Family Liaisons!

Audrey Everson (951) 541-4809 or audreye@inspireschools.org

Candice Zuniga (714) 797-1209 or candicez@inspireschools.org

Inspiring Parents Live @ 5 is BACK!

All homeschool parents are welcome! Join us weekly to learn about curriculum choices, homeschooling ideas, and much more!

Mondays in July & August - Monday, July 15th @ 5 pm

Use this link to join us!


Questions? Contact Arlene at arlene@inspireschools.org


Hello Inspire Families,

We're excited to start offering webinars for our Online Subscription Package (OSP) options! Following is the schedule for the next two weeks; additional webinars will be announced next week.

NOTE: Some webinars require the attendees to register prior to the webinar - please refer to the additional information below.

WEEK OF JULY 15th-19th:

Tuesday, July 16th @ 10:00 am - Vocabulary Spelling City

All attendees must register before at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5785868079301969665

Thursday, July 18th @ 10:00 am - Dreambox

Zoom Link: https://dreambox.zoom.us/j/117537077

WEEK OF JULY 22nd-26th:

Tuesday, July 23rd @ 12:30 pm - ABC Mouse

All attendees must register before at: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7811745741864670221

Tuesday, July 23rd @ 2:00 pm - Adventure Academy

All attendees must register before at: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7677410709717902093

Friday, July 26th @ 10:00am - MathSeeds

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/640021957

Any questions regarding the OSP (Online Subscription Package)? Email osp@inspireschools.org

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Virtual Info Session with Candice & Audrey

Do you have questions about curriculum? What about navigating the EOS? Or are you new to Inspire and would like to learn what homeschooling with Inspire looks like? Come discuss all this and more with your Riverside County Liaisons right in the comfort of your home!

We will host TWO Virtual Informational Sessions:

Thursday, July 18th from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Wednesday, July 24th from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join us for the FIRST Session on:

Thursday, July 18th
11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Zoom Room:

Call or email:

Audrey Everson (951) 541-4809

Candice Zuniga (714) 797-1209

Enrichment Ordering System (EOS) "How to..." Videos

Hi Inspire families!

It's that time of year! Your funds have arrived, and you're ready to order - but maybe you need some assistance inputting those orders. Here are some helpful videos to assist you with getting to know the EOS and how to input your orders.

1st "How to" Video...Account Navigation

2nd "How to" Video...Product Order Request

Please feel free to reach out to your Family Liaisons or HST for assistance; we are here to help!

Audrey Everson (951) 541-4809 or audreye@inspireschools.org

Candice Zuniga (714) 797-1209 or candicez@inspireschools.org


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It's summer break ~ let's have some fun in the sun! Come hang out with Candice and Audrey, your Riverside County Family Liaisons. We'd love to connect with you and your friends!

Bring the kiddos, towels, swimsuits, and your own lunch!

Every time a different location around the county!

  • Tuesday, July 23rd @ 11 am - Dairyland Park (14520 San Remo Dr, Eastvale)

Questions? Contact:

Audrey Everson (951) 541-4809 or audreye@inspireschools.org

Candice Zuniga (714) 797-1209 or candicez@inspireschools.org


Inspire's Summer Reading Challenge!

This summer, curl up with a good book and play a game of Inspire Bingo for a chance to win prizes!

Each 5 in a row earns a chance to win prizes in our drawing. Return your completed Bingo sheet to the Lending Library by August 15th to submit your entries. The more you read, the more chances you have to win!

Students can be entered into a prize draw by returning their completed BINGO activity to the Lending Library or their HST by August 15th.

There are many sweet adventures to be had this summer, all in the pages of the nearest book.

Happy Summer Reading!

TK - 5th Grade Bingo Sheet

6th - 12th Grade Bingo Sheet


Field Trip Booking Tutorial

Want a step by step tutorial for booking your next field trip tickets on Inspiration Station? Watch this tutorial!

We have more exciting news - the OSP options are getting even better! Since our original announcement in April, we were able to add 2 previous options (Kids Discover Online and Prodigy) as well as 2 new options (Adventure Academy and Elephango). You now have 25 options to choose from!

  • HIGHLIGHTS: 8 curriculum options and 17 educational apps and resources -- including a 24/7, live online tutoring subscription for all subjects!
  • Shmoop and Rosetta Stone® Foundations (Spanish, French, and German) are A-G approved curriculum options for high school
  • BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: ABC Mouse, Discovery Education Streaming Plus with Science Techbook, and Vocabulary Spelling City
  • NEW: Adventure Academy, Beast Academy Online, Elephango, Rosetta Stone Foundations, Dreambox Learning, myON Reader & myON News w/Accelerated Reader, Typing Agent, and TutorMe

This year’s OSP options are valued at more than $2,400 *
* value based on the retail value for the 5 most expensive subscriptions. Please visit our OSP Handbook for additional info and FAQ.

Here is the linked 19-20 OSP Flyer - The flyer is hyperlinked to allow you to click on each of the subscriptions listed and go to the vendor’s website.

This Week's OSP (Online Subscription Package): Grammarly

The 2019-2020 Online Subscription Package (OSP) options are finalized, and we’re spotlighting every option - every week!

This week we look at Grammarly.

"Better Students, Happier Teachers. Grammarly fuels academic success."

By opting into Grammarly, you and your student will receive the following Grammarly Premium features:

  • Critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages


Q: How is Grammarly different than spell-check?

A: Grammarly is download as an App on your internet browser. It then checks anywhere you type into on the internet for spelling and grammar errors. It can be used through email, as well as for online assignments.

Q: Will my Grammarly account from the 2018-2019 OSP roll over?

A: Yes, your Grammarly account will be turned into a free account at the end of August, in order to gain Premium access again, you will need to opt-into the OSP for the 2019-2020 year.

For more details on this OSP option and all the other OSP subscriptions, head over to the OSP Handbook.

Have a question regarding the Online Subscription Package? Email osp@inspireschools.org

Inspire Charter Resources

Natural History Club!

We're excited to announce the all new Natural History Club. This club is designed for all members of the family to explore nature together. We hope to gather at least once a month for nature outings, guest speakers, nature lessons, and FUN! If you are interested in getting more information or joining this club, please complete the interest survey HERE and Glenna Heustis will send you information about the first meet up in August.

Questions? Contact:

Glenna Heustis at glennah@inspireschools.org

New Middle School Program - ChoicePlus Bridge powered by Bridgeway

BRIDGEWAY is teaming up with INSPIRE to offer Inspire Students a Live Online Middle School Bundle for all core subjects in the fall bridgewayacademy.com/inspire. This program will offer 4-core classes with Bridgeway Academy instructors offering support, weekly live online classes, office hours, and more.

Spaces will be limited!

More details and pricing can be found in our ChoicePlus Bridge Flier or our 19-20 TK-8 Curriculum Options Flier.

Want to learn more about ChoicePlus Bridge powered by Bridgeway? View an informational session HERE.

High School!

Did you know that our counseling team hosts virtual information sessions throughout the year? Each session is recorded, and you can view them HERE!

Session recordings include:

  • The College Application Process
  • UC/CSU Application Process
  • Common Application Info Session

Make sure you head over to Inspire High School Resource Site for all things High School.

High School Info Session Recordings

Want to know what high school looks like with Inspire? Amy Edwards, an Inspire teacher, Teacher Trainer for High School, and Homeschool Mom shares her expertise in this recorded High School Info Session! In her Virtual Info Sessions, she covers:

What are California's high school grad requirements?

What makes Inspire unique?
~Program & Curriculum options
~Online classes, live classes, vendors, parent-created & led curriculum, community college classes, and MORE!

On the first slide is a link to the recorded video. You can find the slide show HERE (Select "View" and "Present" and then click "Here" on the first slide to view the recording.)

Academic Decathlon joining ChoicePlus Academy this Fall!

We’re so excited to welcome Academic Decathlon to CPA. Days and times of class meetings will be on the upcoming Fall 2019-20 CPA Course Catalog! See Academic Decathlon flyer for more information!
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Inspire Special Education Department Monthly Newsletter!

Dear Inspire Parents,

Another successful school year is coming to an end! Reflecting on the past school year makes us realize how fortunate we are at Inspire Charter Schools. Our school has been successful due to the wonderful collaborative partnership between staff members, and families. We would like to thank all the parents for their involvement, dedication and continued support. Please be safe and well until we meet again in the fall. Have a wonderful summer!

Inspire Special Education Department Parent and Teacher Newsletter May/June 2019

You can also access our Inspire Cares website to support you in your homeschooling journey and view all of our newsletters!


Anna Lindahl

Statewide Parent Outreach Coordinator

Inspire Charter Schools

Ph: (619) 627-9623

E: annalindahl@inspireschools.org


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Enrichment item returns!

Dear Inspire Families,

Do you have enrichment items that you are looking to return this year? You can return items to a Lending Library or to your HST. Please note, non-consumables do not need to be returned until you withdraw from our school, so this is purely voluntary.

Here is the Enrichment Return Item Form for your convenience.

Riverside County Library System EVENTS!

Make sure you're in the "know" for all the events happening at the Riverside County Libraries!

Head over to http://rivlib.info/website/events


Your go-to spot for homeschool help!

Riverside County Facebook Group

Join us on Facebook for lively discussion and homeschool support.

Riverside County Parent Feedback

Our goal is to provide you with the best homeschool program in Riverside County...so we want your feedback! If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please let us know!

Your Inspire Riverside County Team!

Your Riverside County Homeschool Teachers and Family Liaisons are always here for you! Reach out to your HST or Family Liaison for support, advice, and connections with the homeschool community around you!

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Candice Zuniga

I am starting my eleventh year of homeschooling my big group! I have eight kids and six are enrolled in Inspire! I love to help families discover their perfect homeschool lifestyle based on the needs of each child and the family! We homeschool in a very eclectic and flexible way and always have. I desire to bring a deep understanding of the importance and enjoyment of home education to our awesome Riverside County Community of Homeschoolers! As always, reach out at any time for all your homeschool needs and concerns. I am always happy to help!

Audrey Everson

Hi everyone! I am a mom of 3 awesome kids ranging in age from 11 to 6 years old. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and have been married for 16 years. Having homeschooled our children over the last 7 years in 3 different states, I've found homeschooling here in California, especially with Inspire Charter, has been a great fit for our homeschool journey. I am grateful for our ability to homeschool so freely and I aspire to assist other families with their own homeschool adventures!

We want to hear from you!

What do you want to hear more about? Drop us an email!

We'd love to answer all of your questions in regards to homeschooling with Inspire

and what the homeschool lifestyle looks like!

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