Brenham ISD is Going Google

Intro to Drive

1. What is Google Drive?

Google Drive allows you to store your files in the cloud - in your google account - for free. Drive also allows you to create documents comparable to Microsoft Office documents and store them right in your google account. It's a pretty good deal.

NOTE: Do NOT download Drive to your computer until you understand how it works. The app lets you sync files between your computer and Drive in your Google account. We do not recommend that you do that at this time.

Click here for Everything You Need to Know About Google Drive.

Go Google: Google Drive

2. Upload Your Files

You can store your files in Google Drive by uploading them to your account. Then you have access to them from any computer with Internet access.

Click here for directions on how to upload a file or folder.

3. Settings

Confirm how you want to upload documents. If they are Microsoft Office documents, do you want to retain Office formatting or convert them to Google Documents?

4. Folders

Create folders to organize your documents in Drive.

5. Create & Share

In Google Drive, you have the option of creating any of the following files:

Share these documents with others and/or work collaboratively with others you share the document with.

Click here for instructions on how to share a document.