August KinderCardin News

Mrs. Cardin's Kindergarten

Reading, Writing, and Math

We have been working on community building and classroom expectations/routines. Please continue to remind your child to be a respectful listener when the teacher is talking.

Good Listening Rules

“Mouse” ears listening

“Owl” eyes watching

“Monkey” hands still

“Hippo” feet still

“Alligator” lips closed with a SMILE.

My focus this month is to teach the kindergartners about routines and procedures during reading, writing, and math. Most of our lessons are whole group right now. I am assessing their strengths and weaknesses in these subject areas so I can best meet each child’s needs and work with them in small groups or one-on-one.

Our Treasure's theme for this month is "Family".

Core Knowledge Focus

Week of August 12 - Community Building using the theme "Bears"

Week of August 19 - All About Me and Season of Summer

Week of August 26 - American Symbols: flag, Pledge, and National Anthem

Weeks of September 2 and 9 - My Five Senses