Nichrome is an alloy.

What It's Made Of

NIchrome is made of about 15% chromium, 23% iron, and 62% nickel.

How was it discovered?

Nichrome was created aroun 1906 byAlbert Leroy Marshand William Hoskins.

How is it manufactured?

Coils of nichrome wire are found as heating devices.


The price depends on the width and thickness of the wire or if you get nichrome ribbon or nichrome wire.

Three physical properties:

1. Melting Point

~1400 Degrees Celsius

2. Color

~Silver----in wire form

3. Odor


Three chemical properties:

1. Reaction

~Reacts with air----highly flammable as a fine powder

2. Dangers

~Evidence that it may be carcinogenic

3. Ability to decompose

What is it used for?

  1. an electrical ignition in fireworks and explosives
  2. wound in coils then used for heating
  3. cutting things
  4. supporting clay in a kiln
  5. in e-cigarettes
nichrome wire

Interesting Fact!

Nichrome is used as an electric heating element in toasters.