Falcon Focus

A weekly flyer discussing technology tools and ideas.

What is the Falcon Focus?

My goal is to provide a weekly resource that introduces technology ideas and serves as a constant stream of ideas. The designated PD days are great but they last training session was on October 15th! The Falcon Focus will consist of a short video, as well as supporting documentation which will aim to create awareness. I will always attach a Google Form asking for input concerning future topics. I want this to be useful and relevant to our staff so please let me know topics that you would like to see in future editions of the Falcon Focus.

I will keep past Falcon Focus topics on our cmfalcons.org webpage, under the Technology department, for your reference. Issues can be found at http://www.cmfalcons.org/departments/technology/falcon_focus.

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This week's topic is Flipgrid. Flipgrid is an online tool where teachers can post a video question and students respond with a video! Students can also respond to each other. This is a free tool and getting started is simple. The attached video will provide a walk-thru on how to create an account and post questions. Linked below is a document outlining some concepts of how to integrate into the K-12 classroom. More information on integration can be found at https://resources.flipgrid.com/docs/.

The following are a few ideas of how to use in the classroom:

1) Reading Response

After reading a book, chapter, or article post a question and have students respond.

2) EOY Reflection

Have students reflect on what they learned throughout the year.

3) Time Challenge

Have students respond to a question in 30 seconds or less!

4) Exit Ticket

In order for students to leave they have to answer a question Ex- “What did you learn today” or “What topic did we discuss today”

5) Have a Debate

Spark a question and see how students feel and how they respond to other students.

6) Give a Question and an Answer

Have students defend why they think whether an answer is right or wrong.

7) Thank You

Have students record a thank you card for a staff member or after a field trip.

Source for class ideas: https://ditchthattextbook.com/2017/06/02/catch-the-flipgrid-fever-15-ways-to-use-flipgrid-in-your-class/