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Week Ending: March 28, 2014

This Week In…..

Writing: we continued to work on our persuasive essays! We learned that good writers of persuasive writing anticipate and respond to questions the audience may have. In doing so, it helps make our writing more relatable to the reader. We continued to work on writing bold introductions and reviewed how to revise as we work through our pieces instead of waiting until the end!

Reading: we read a fantasy text titled Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey. It is a story of a dog that invades Mousopolis. During this story, we reviewed vocabulary terms and worked on the target skill: cause and effect and the strategy: summarize. Please continue to reinforce the concept of cause and effects with your child. In class, we discussed that the effect is a direct result of a cause. We also spent time summarizing the story by only pointing out the important events. We practiced both of these skills with our anthology, guided reading, and in our independent readings selections. At home, encourage your child to identify cause and effects in their personal readings. Please continue discuss how to identify cause/effects and summarizing.

Math: we worked on multiplying and dividing multiples of ten, a hundred, and a thousand. We made sure to use our understanding of basic facts to solve word problems with multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000. Additionally, we reviewed area and perimeter. Finally, we began working on the Partial-Products Algorithm to multiply multi-digit numbers!

Cursive: we reviewed all of the letters we’ve learned so far: c, a, d, g, h, t, p, e, l, f, u, y, i, j, k, and r.

Social Studies: this week we participated in the Leni Lenape Native Americans presentation. Students were able to gain hands on experience with authentic Native American clothing, dishes, masks, tools, and arrowheads. Be sure to look out for the pictures at EXPO! Students also given an opportunity to ask questions personally to the presenter! In addition, we also learned about a specific Native American tribe, the Iroquois. We learned about how resourceful this tribe is and about wampum belts. A wampum belt is used as a sign of peace! We began to create our own wampum belts. In addition, we wrote a short paragraph explaining who created the belt, special uses, and a fun fact about the belt.


Karate Forms:

  • If your child has a karate form that needs to be completed by me, please send it in with a due date. I am happy to complete the forms, but also want to make sure I complete it by the time it is due!

Homework Access:
  • If students forget their Journeys Textbook, it can be accessed through think central.com. Students have logins and passwords in the front of their Agendas. EDM Home Links can be accessed through everydaymathonline.com. The login information is also in the front of your child's Agenda book. My eBoard has additional information on logging in under the Language Arts and Math tabs.

  • Please check our eBoard and contact me if your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday in school.

Important Dates for 3L:

Happy Birthday to:

  • Ava!

Poet of the Week:

  • Elise: Friday, April 4th
  • Poems must be submitted for teacher approval before a student presents

Star of the Week:

  • Sabrina: Monday, April 7, 2014

Guest Reader:

  • Cindy McDonnell Friday, April 4th @ 8:45

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Central Events

April 2 PAC Meeting

April 4 Family Movie Night

April 9 Expo

April 14-16 Snow Make Up Days

April 17-20 Spring Recess

April 21 Snow Make Up Day

Specials Next Week:

Monday is a Day 3:

  • Strings and Art

Tuesday is a Day 4:

  • Spanish

Wednesday is a Day 5:

  • Library

Thursday is a Day 6:

  • Health

Friday is a Day 1:

  • Gym and Spanish

A Word From Third

#17 March 24, 2014

DearMiss. Lipski,

I loved the Leane Lanape assembly. It was very intresting. I liked trying on the baskets and clothes. The baskets are very comfy- I'm going to carry my bags the way they did for now on. I love the Leane Lanape tribe!!

#8 March 24, 2014

Dear Miss Lipski,

I loved last week when we weaved!

It was so much fun!

#18 March 24, 2014

Dear Miss Lipski,

I loved when the indian presenter came to our school. It was so fun!!!! I touched a real bobcat that was made into a bow and arrow holder.