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Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 5-16 FastBridge Testing

Sept. 11-15 College Week

Sept. 11 SGC Meeting 7:15am

Sept. 11 IOWA Readiness Test

Sept. 11 TKES Preconferences begin

Sept. 21 RUOS Coaching Day K-2 @NPE

Sept. 22 RUOS Coaching Day 3-5 @NPE

Refresher-Structure of Workshop

Mini Lesson - no more than 10 minutes
-Meet as a group
-Teacher focused
-Components include:
Connection - "Connect the skill"
Teaching Point - "Today I want to Teach You"
Teach - "Watch Me"
Active Engagement - "Now its your turn"
Link - "Today & Everyday remember..."
Remember during the mini lesson you are presenting information, not necessarily teaching for mastery to all students.

Mid Workshop - 30-40 minutes
-Small groups
-independent writing/reading
-point out great things (mid workshop teaching point)

Wrap Up/Closing - 5-10 minutes
-Share time
-Every kid shares every day (not necessarily individually but with partners or in groups)

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Twitter Chats Worth Joining

  • Building Your Classroom Community on Sept 28 at 8pm #FPLiteracy
  • Teachers College Reading/Writing Units of Study - Wednesdays 7:30pm #tcrwp
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The more you code, score, and analyze BAS/running records, the more you will expand your knowledge of the reading process. Follow Fountas and Pinnell on Twitter @FountasPinnell


I began my FastBridge training on Thursday and received a demo code if you haven't been able to access the platform yet. The county says that after next week, support staff (EIP, ESOL, etc.) should have access to the platform and data.

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