Basic First Aid: Children

By Sarah Zientek

Before You Start

Always check for responsiveness- Children may respond when flicking foot:

If there is a response and they have a life threatening condition call 911

If there is no response call 911

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What If A Child Is Bleeding?

1 Always cover the wound- use a sterile dressing

2 Apply pressure until bleeding stops

3 Cover dressing with bandage

4 If Bleeding doesn't stop- apply more pressure and bandages, and call 911

Lets Talk About Burns

1 Remove from source of burn

2 Cool burn- cold running water

3 Cover loosely with sterile dressing

4 If it is really bad- Call 911


1 Call 911

2 Remove objects nearby

3 When over- monitor breathing

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Call 911 or Poison Control Hotline

Follow all Advice Given

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