How is teen suffering different?

By Stephen LaJeunesse

Some types of suffering

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Anxiety with school
  • Stress from school
  • Depression

Pudge and the Colonel deal with most of these things throughout the book

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Other Reasons

  • Hormones
  • Body changes
  • Peers
  • Excpectations

Throughout the book Pudge wants to get good grades and likes Alaska

LFA by John Green

Connections in the Brain

Reward vs. Punishment

Nucleus accumbens develops fairly early and is in charge of pleasure and reward

What or How?

It's not the as much of what they think it's how

Right and Wrong

There is no right and wrong only helpful and unhelpful choices

The Colonel drinks in the book, an unhelpful choice

LFA by John Green