Occupation: Lawyer

By Frank Bruno

What is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is someone who gives legal advice and assistance to there client and represents them in court. They help argue for the person they are representing to influence the judge. Therefore, trying to benefit his/her client. A lawyer's workspace includes an office where he can work. This is where they file papers for different cases and have others to help provide evidence.

How Can I Become a Lawyer?

It typically takes seven years to become a lawyer, four years to get an undergraduate degree and three years to go to law school. This will get you a Juris Doctor Degree. Afterthat, you have to take a bar exam to pass law school. Lastly you must get a license for the state you live in to practice law. That is the only state you can be a lawyer in.

Do Lawyers Have Oppurtunities for Advancement?

The answer is yes.

Lawyers straight out of law school can work for other lawyers. Then gradually progress to sharing ownership of a firm and lastly owning their own firm. It doesn't stop here, lawyers can become Judges, District Attorneys, or even an Attorney General. Lawyers can gradually take positions in politics becoming Councilmen, Mayor, Senator or Cabinet Appointments. Lastly, you can have a lifetime job where you cannot be fired as a Supreme Court Justice. All the people filling these positions started right out of law school. These jobs can vary from 90,000 to in the millions.

What are Lawyers Paid and How Can They Benefit?

Lawyers in NY earn an average salary of 112,000. Throughout the country the salary of lawyers fall from around 90,000 to 250,000. The highest amount of money a lawyer can get paid really varies. Some lawyers, mostly new, make as little as 80,000. As a lawyer gets older and gets more business they can earn sums of money in the millions. This isn't rare finding out a lawyer makes well over a million dollars. Lawyers vary with benefits. Of course there is always the moral benefit of seeing the emotion on your client when you win a case for them but some lawyers also have health benefits. Lawyers who own a private firm and work for themselves will not have any health benefits. However, lawyers that work for large firms or business and lawyer that work for the state will get health benefits in their contract.

How Can I Become a Good Lawyer?

There are many natural abilities required to become a good lawyer. For one, you should have good debating skills. You should know how to respond when arguing and help win the case. A lawyer should also have writing skills. When writing up documents you should be clear and make it sound intelligent when reading aloud to a judge or client. Management and organizational skills are also key when being a lawyer. You should know where everything is in your firm or workspace so you can reach it easily, this will decrease your stress as well. Conversation and articulation abilities make it easy to talk in an intelligent tone to the judge and your client. Lastly a lawyer should have general investigation skills when trying to figure out a legal problem. There are also some personal values a lawyer has. A lawyer never wants to lose a case. He/she wants to make their client happy and it truly makes them happy when they win a case and their client is happy or in tears. In the end lawyers want to do what's right and help others. That is their job.
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Family and Divorce

I would like to be a family and divorce lawyer. My dad is this type of lawyer and I like the people he is working with and the personal affect you have on others when you help them get custody of their child. I am familiar with this type of job and I old love to help others. My average in Social Studies is high and I am very comfortable in this field.