7th Grade News

Summit Middle School

Dates to Remember

  • Bowling January 11, 13, or 14 12-2pm
  • Friday Folders January 15th Report Cards Included
  • No School January 18th Celebrate Martin Luther King , Jr Day

Welcome to a New Year and New Semester

Our students have reached the halfway mark in their middle school years. The second semester is time for new beginnings for many students. This is their chance to start anew with academics and relationships. Their schedules reflect new elective courses and a switch from Spanish to Literacy or vice versa.The first week back challenged students with a review of expectations and new content. We started the week with a visit from Miss Oklahoma, Georgia Frazier. She talked to students about healthy lifestyles, being kind, exhibiting respect, and focusing on goals.

This week teams will celebrate last semester good behavior and passing grades with some good fun and competition at the bowling alley. All students will attend that meet the criteria, permission slips should be returned with $7.00 to attend. It is important to note that all students will be attending that meet criteria. Attendance is not optional. Students choosing to stay at school will be placed in a classroom with assignments.

Friday Folders will be going home this week. Please look inside for semester grades and other school news. The folder should be signed and returned to the 7th hour teacher.

Stay warm and have a great January!

Mrs. G

Transformative 7th Graders by Ms. Kerlin

As our seventh graders move from first semester to second, this transition represents the halfway mark within the school year and also the halfway mark within their middle school careers. Not only do middle schoolers grow physically during the three years that we share with them; they also grow emotionally and intellectually as well.

They arrive to us fresh from elementary school, excited to be here, but still fairly dependent upon a teacher to guide them through the school day. They leave just three years later on their way to high school, where they are expected to be independent and self-motivated in their education.

This transformation involves organization, and a focus of attention in each class and on each assignment, but it also includes a shift from being motivated externally to being motivated internally. This inner growth is the maturity that our seventh graders carry with them as they move step by step toward their high school years.