Life Cycle

First a ladybug lays eggs. Then it hatches in a week. Then it is a grub. It eats and eats and eats until it gets to big for all three shells. Then it goes into a pupa. Then inside it transforms into a... ladybug.

5 facts

  1. ladybugs are good luck
  2. a few ladybugs can fit on a dime
  3. ladybugs are a beetle
  4. ladybugs have a hard and soft pair of wings
  5. ladybug beats its wings ninety times per second
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Ladybugs eat aphids, small bugs, and other insect eggs, and eats dead crops. Farmers love ladybugs! Some times farmers buy them.


A larva eats and eats until it gets to big for its skin. Then it molts 3 times. Then it goes into a pupa and then comes out a ladybug.


A ladybug plays dead and they don't eat it because it has bright colors and they have a hard shell to protect it from ants .