Indian cobra

by kyle gower

Indian Cobra

The Indian cobra is a very poisonous snake and it can grow up to 5 ft in length which is the size of a 6th grader.the cobra can very in color from yellow to a olive with a dark brown.

Some ways to tell if it is a cobra is when it is slithering on the ground the hood will be closed but if it fell theratened it will move its head up and open it's hood which on the back it will have u shape.

The Indian cobra eats small creatures like frogs , rats , other small snakes and etc.the Indian cobra will attack anything that is theratening it . like humans even thought you are bigger than it . it still can kil you because its poison is one the strongest. so i don't think this something you want to run into on a vaction be cause you will be in the hospital the whole time.

I think the Indian cobra is one of the most interesting snake . between it's colors , the shape on it's hood and that snake charmers have used them for century's. i really hope one day i can go to India and see one in the wild but not be bite by it.

Did you know

That the Indian cobra is also called Naja Naja which is the scientific name for it and that the Indian cobra can't here you if your coming but it mit see you.

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