Problem solving and collaborating to change the world

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March 2019

Chipeta's Showcase of Learning

On Thursday evening, April 11th, our community is invited to venture into our world of learning. The goal of our Showcase of Learning is to shine a spotlight on our students as they demonstrate learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our students will share academic content, collaboration, effective written and oral communication, self-directed learning, and a learning mindset.

What: The evening will be an open forum where students share their learning with our community. They might share a process like how to solve a math problem, a product like their science fair project, a skill they have mastered in PE class, a piece of artwork, or even a musical piece they perform.

When: Thursday, April 11th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Students will present during a 30-minute block of time and will be able to attend other presentations for the rest of the evening.

Where: Chipeta Elementary School, 2340 Ramsgate Terrace, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

The event is free and open to the community.

Habits of Work Update

Thank you for completing our survey about our Habits of Work rubric. Your feedback is helping us to refine and improve the rubric, our scoring processes, and our communication with students and parents.

We will continue to:

  • Instruct with developmentally appropriate language and resources depending upon grade level.
  • Have students self-score on the rubric when appropriate (upper grades, not lower).
  • Teach all students about the Habits of Work through class discussions, PowerPoints, video, and role play.

Changes we will make as a result of your feedback include:

  • Refine language - for example, one portion of the rubric asks students to change their opinion/perspective. We recognize that at times we change our opinions and at other times, we do not need to. Language like this will be improved.
  • Standardize communication at the beginning of the year so that all teachers communicate the information in similar ways.
  • Hold information sessions for parents to ask questions and gain clarity.
  • Share the resources we use (PowerPoints, videow, role play, discussions) to teach the Habits of Work with parents.

Read Across America

5th Graders planned, organized, and led Family Read Night. The theme was a journey across America and different activities were held in each "city". This was a fun and engaging evening. Great job 5th graders! Thank you Mrs. Kronmiller for leading the student team!

March Happenings

  • March 9 - 9 am - 1 pm - Chipeta's Chess Tournament
  • March 12 - 5 - 6:30 pm - School Accountability Committee Meeting
  • March 14 - 6 pm - 5th Grade Music Program
  • March 15 - Chipeta hosts the Celtic Dancers
  • March 19 - 6 pm - Elementary and Middle Schools Band Concert at Holmes
  • March 22 - 1st Grade Collections Fair
  • March 25 - 29 - Spring Break

Chipeta . . .

  • is an inclusive community in which children are nurtured and challenged to become learners now and for the future.
  • a community where students are self-directed learners collaborating, taking risks, and problem solving to change our world.
  • strives to balance all of the competencies as we set high standards and levels of achievement and growth for all students.