Shayna Atwater


I'm good at cooking because. My parents and grandparents would let me cook or i let me cook and i just watch so i can learn. My grandpa is the only one that cooks when i visit him and my grandma or me and him cook, but when i'm home i cook by myself with no one around me. Example:i cooked chicken fried steak on Sunday.
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I'm good at babysitting because i have 3 younger siblings and i watch them all the time by myself.I probably been babysitting for 3 years now and sometime i babysit for a while i also put them to bed ,and i have also babysit my moms friend baby's.I also love baby's.
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Cleaning anything

I'm good at cleaning because of my mom. My mom cleans for her ob and whenever i dont have school i go with her. I've been going with her since i was like 4 and I've been cleaning for 4 years since i was almost. That is how i am good at cleaning.
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