The Apache Tribe!

By Mia Duffy, Sam Hirvilampi, Colton Gyure

where will you find the Apache tribe?

The Apache tribe lived in northern Great Plains of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.


Originally semi-sedentary, farmed and gathered, hunted buffalo on foot.(before Spanish brought horses.) They ran buffalos of cliffs to kill them. After horses, hunting was a lot easier. They gave up farming and became nomadic hunters. They migrated south until they ran into Comanche in central Texas, they made the Apache split into two group the Lipan and the Mescalero.

Apache indians

Interesting Facts!

  • They have their own language (Navajo)
  • Women are home workers
  • Only men were chiefs
  • Women made lots of jewelry
  • Women wore their hair long and put oil in it to make it shiny
  • Men wore breechcloths on the summer, and deerskin in the winter

Diet and dwelling!

They were hunters and gathers. They hunted buffalo, deer, rabbits, and other game. The women were gathers of berries, nuts, corn, and other fruits and vegetables. The Apache did not eat fish, even though there was a plentiful amount. They moved place to place in search of food.


The Apache used wickiups for shelter. They are simple wooden frames covered by a matting of brush and sometimes a buffalo-hide tarp. They were small, often the size of modern camping tents. When ever the Apache moved the women would build a new wickiup in 2 hours. Most modern Apache people now a days live in houses or apartments, but some still live in large wickiups. Keeping the belief that when ever there is a death in the family you burn down the house. You can not burn down an apartment without burning other apartments.
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