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Minnesota land of opportunity

Minnesota is a great state. It's filled with many things you need and is a beautiful , rich land. Bettween 1849 and 1858 Minnesota was the the fastest growing place in the United States. By 1857 Minnesota had 150,000 people in it. If that many people are in Minnesota, it has to be a great place! The Hull Rust Mine in Hibbing is the largest open pit mine in the world, supplying numerous jobs for immigrants from all countries. Minnesota has 12,000 lakes. This will feed the family with fish and wild rice all year for free. Minnesota is rich in natural resources. It's ranges produce more than 75% of the nations iron ore. The state also is high in corn, wheat, rye, beats, and dairy. You can bring your daughter to see Minnesota's blue water.

Duluth Port

The port of Duluth superior is 2000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean through the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway. French-Canadian voyagers and Europeans paddle these waters and trade food, minerals, lumber, and grains. The Duluth Port is soon becoming an in land trade route where the mining companies are capitalizing on this unique opportunity to trade with the rest of the world. Duluth's region has some of the greatest white pine for making huge supplies of lumber for the growing demand of people moving west. So whether you are wanting to make a business in the port or looking for work, Duluth is where you will find it.

Some of the great places in Minnesota

Minnesota has...

Excellent medical hospital

In Rochester Minnesota there is an upcoming doctor that has great potential. William Mayo has been practicing in the area for many years and started a new clinic in Rochester. His surgical techniques and staff are the most modern in the world. His two sons Charles Mayo and William Mayo make a very skilled joint medical team. If you live in Minnesota there is the best medical help for your family, they will be saving valuble lives.

Great transportation

The best mode of transportation for immigrants is steamboats. The steamboats come right into the Duluth Harbor from the Alantic in the summer, or they can come down the Mississippi. They are inexpensive and the speediest form of transportation around. If that is too expensive for you, you can also take the train from the East Coast to Illinois and then take a steam boat bound for Minnesota. The stage coach is also available from the east but it is a long journey that is exhausting. Harriet Bishop was St. Paul's first Sunday school teacher. She wrote that Minnesota was a land for people with high ideals. "I have known Minnesota from its infancy and have loved it... Come to Minnesota, but bring with you principles firm and unyielding".