Water Unit Project

Created by Hunter Vincek

Salt Water

97% of Earths water is salt water.

Fresh Water

3% of Earths water is fresh water.


Evaporation is the process by which molecules at the surface of a liquid absorb enough energy to change to the gaseous state.


The process by which a gas changes to a liquid is called condensation.

States of Water

Ice is a solid, plain water is a liquid, and the water vapor in the air is a gas.

Surface Tension

Surface Tension is the tightness across the surface of water that is caused by the polar molecules pulling on each other.

Polar Molecules

Polar Molecules are molecules that have electrically charged areas.

Ice on Earth

76% of Earths fresh water is ice.

The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes contain nearly 20% of all the water in the worlds freshwater lakes.

5 Main Uses

The 5 main uses for water are household use, agriculture, industry, transportation, and recreation.


Water clings to polar molecules through hydrogen bonding.


Attraction to other substances.

Capillary Action

The combined force of attraction among water molecules and with the molecules of surrounding materials.


The frozen form is less dense then the liquid form.


The action or process of precipitating a substance from a solution.