From Cane to sugar

By: Mya


Do you know what makes cookies so sweet? Sugar! Do you want to know how sugar is made well my sugary reader you're about to find out!


Sugar cane needs to grow 12-16 months before harvested. It usually grows between June and December each year. Queenlands sugar cane is harvested by self perpelled machines.


The sugar cane must be washed and then crushed by huge rollers this mixture goes into the separator were the fibers are separated then shipped to the lab to be tested. After that it goes to the store.


You can find sugar about any where like fairway, Walmart, Hyvee, and evan Trader Joes. People by sugar to make cookies, cake, and ice cream too!

Fun Facts

Did you know sugar cane can be as tall as 20 inches. Enhances flavor,aroma texture,browning,return moisture,and perseveres freshness .


Well my sugary readers thats the end of how sugar is made and were you can find it. Well I hope you enjoyed and learned something!!!!!
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