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The Guided Reading Process

According to The Next Step in Guided Reading (Richardson, 2016), there are three basic steps to conducting effective guided reading instruction. As students make progress, the arrangement of your guided reading groups may change. Thus, teachers will go through these 3 steps several times throughout the year. Below you will find activities, videos, professional articles, and other instructional resources to support the implementation of guided reading at each step.
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Because reading, word study, and writing are reciprocal processes, it is important that teachers integrate all three into their guided reading lessons. The errors students make during reading will also reveal what they support they need with word study and writing. It is important to note that the writing skills covered during guided reading should reinforce the same skills students use to write about the texts they have just read. These guided writing lessons should be completed while students are working with the teacher in small guided reading groups. Writing instruction that teaches the writing process and genres of writing should be taught outside of guided reading.

Guided Reading Lesson Resources

Guided Reading Videos by Level

Additional Guided Reading Lesson Videos

Steps for Interactive Writing

How to Teach Guided Word Study

Guided Reading Lesson Plan Templates

Pre-A Lesson Plan (Beginning/Non-readers)

Emergent Lesson Plan (F&P Levels A-C)

Early Lesson Plan (F&P Levels D-I)

Transitional Lesson Plan (F&P Levels J-P)

Fluent Lesson Plan (F&P Levels N+)

Pre-A Lesson Video

Working with Names Name Puzzle Part1 p 64

Using Sound Boxes

Sound Boxes - Blends

Using Analogy Charts

Analogy Chart - Vowel Patterns

Virtual Support for Teaching Guided Reading

Digital Tools for Virtual Instruction

Professional Reading

Distance Learning: Remote Guided Reading Lessons Made Easy

Teaching Tip: Teaching Guided Reading Remotely

18 Ways to Use Lego Bricks to Teach Literacy

Summary of Virtual Support for Balanced Reading Approaches

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Webinar: Virtual Guided Reading Grade K
Webinar: Virtual Guided Reading Grades 1 & 2

Virtual Guided Reading Tutorial

Distance Learning Guided Reading Tutorial!

Virtual Guided Reading Lesson: Yellow Questions Strategy

Cat People Day 1
Cat People Day 2

Virtual Guided Writing Lesson

Cat People Day 3

Virtual Word Study Lesson

Cat People Day 4

Using Digital Tools for Remote Guided Reading Lessons

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Additional Resources

  • The Next Step to Guided Reading by Jan Richardson
  • Guided Reading: Responsive Teaching across the Grades by Fountas and Pinnell
  • No More Fake Reading: Merging Classics with Independent Reading to Create Joyful, Lifelong Readers by Berit Gordon