By: Annalisa B 801

Why an orthodontist?

You might be thinking eww I don't want to touch people's mouth that's disgusting! Hear me out. You get to help people! Plus you make a lot of money. I had braces myself and I understand the experience. I examined this at the office during my experience- he only works twice a week and he can take off when ever he wants. All he does is check the mouth quickly and gives orders to the assistant. He barely does anything. Braces are about $5,000- 10,000 per client and if that adds up for the amount of clients you'll get a lot of money! It's a great experience and you can help others.
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What do they do?

Orthodontists specialize in helping patients with fixing the allinement of their teeth using tools like braces, retainers and pallet expanders.


The average rate of salary for an orthodontist is $203,000 per year but it depends on how many clients you have.


A student who knows she wants to be an orthodontist, or is even considering it as a career, should begin preparing as early as possible. Taking science courses such as anatomy, biology and chemistry will help to build a foundation for more advanced studies in college. Even with a bachelor’s degree and the completion of many science classes, admission to dental school is not guaranteed. Most schools use the Dental Acceptance Test, or DAT, as one means of evaluating potential students.