iTouch or iPads in the Classroom

How Can 1st Graders Use iPads in the Classroom

  • Record Reader's Theater using video. Reader's Theater is great for fluency practice. Students can record until they are satisfied with their presentation and fluency of the skit.
  • Comprehension and Fluency: Teacher or another student can record a story for struggling readers to read along to. After the story, record comprehension questions. If necessary, direct student where to look for the answer. The student can pause the video after each comprehension question.
  • Writing: If a student is struggling with writing a story or journal, have them record their story. You can also have the student use the Dragon Dictation App.
  • Spelling, vocabulary and Diagrams: Skitch is a great app that teachers can use to create visuals for spelling and vocabulary. You can save a Skitch that you create and have the students use Doodle Buddy to either "fill in the blanks" or trace the vocabulary words.