Charlie Gordon

Evan Mejia 6th

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Indirect Characterization

Appearance- brown hair and tall in the pictures on

-pages 351, 354, 358.

Actions-He isn't the smartest person. Takes an inkblot test and he fails, races with a mouse, fails again on

-pages 348-355

Words- "She's genius I wish I could be smart like her." Page 359 Progress Report April 17th.

Relationship with others- Algernon the mouse he races him only in the beginning half of the story. And Misses Kinnian who helps out throughout the story.

Feelings and thoughts- He feels different. He fell in love with the teacher.

-pages 360-365

Direct Characterization

Charlie Gordon , 37 years old man.

-page 347.

Actions- He dances with Ellen and his "friend Joe" trips him a few times nd Charlie becomes really embarrassed and turns red. He is getting smarter and smarter.

-pages 360 & 361

Words- On page 353, Charlie complains that he hates Algernon, the mouse that always beats him. Charlie also thinks that the inkblots are stupid.

Feelings , thoughts- Charlie is feeling and embarrassed when Joe and his friends embarrassed him at the party, everyone was laughing at Charlie. Charlie was also falling in love with Misses Kinnian because he thought she was so beautiful. On page 365.