Vizzini The Great is Outsmarted?

Better Yet, Dead...

The mysterious man in black outsmarted Vizzini.

The great Vizzini was many things smart, leader, and many other amazing things. He didn't use his skills for the good of the world. He used them to get money and to kidnap the princess for Humperdinck. He was outsmarted by his own game. The man in black had defeated Vizzini's Spaniard and his great big giant. So when the man in black reached Vizzini they decided to play a little game. There were two cups, Vizzini shut his eyes while the man in black put poison in one of the drinks. Then Vizzini would pick which one he would drink and which one the man in black. Might I remind you this is a life or death decision Vizzini had to make. This is what should of happened 50% chance life and 50% chance death for each of them. However, this is not what actually happened. Turns out the man in black had built up an immunity to iocane powder, so it didn't really matter which one he picked Vizzini would die.