Year 6 Homework

Week Seven 16th - 20th June

Notices and Reminders

  • Wizard of Oz tickets are on sale this week in the hall foyer every morning, 8.30 - 9.00am.


Practise spelling the words from this week's list ready for your test on Friday.


Read for a minimum of 15 minutes each night.
Record what you read this week in your Reading Log.


Earn a minimum 1000 mathletic points.

Powerful Writing

Look at the posters above.

The first one is from '100 Ways to say Bad'.

The next one is from '100 ways to say Said'

The last one is from '100 ways to say Went'

Challenge number 1 - choose one of the posters from above and complete the list.

Challenge number 2 - make a poster of your own. 50 ways to say good OR 100 ways to say good.