Always Think, Before you Drink

The Negative Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Impaired Decisions and Reflexes

Some may think alcohol has a good effect on their system, but they are horribly wrong. The alcohol Ethanol, which can be consumed, is classified as a depressant drug. A depressant is the opposite of a stimulant drug, such as coffee or energy drinks. This drug slows down your reflexes, reaction time, and your thought process. Under the influence of alcohol, you are bound to make bad decisions, after all you made the decision to drink it in the first place. Your judgments and decisions will probably not be the same as when you are up to full health. This is also why you can not drink and drive. When you are put behind the wheel of a car, under the influence of alcohol, you are going to cause an accident. The reflexes in your body are all slowed, so when there is a red light, you will drive through it, causing another car to smash into you. And I believe that everyone would rather live, then have one drink ruin the rest of their lives.
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Health Problems

Drinking can cause mental and physical health problems. Most of these health issues come from long-term alcohol abuse. These can include; Cirrhosis of the liver, Cancer of the tongue, mouth, and throat, and a higher risk of heart-attacks and strokes. All of these effects are physical diseases, but there is one that can both affect you physically and mentally. This severe disease is called alcoholism. This is when someone has a physical and mental dependence on alcoholic beverages. This can be very dangerous if the person does not get help, they can become so attached that they don't spend any time with their family or even leave their homes. And not only can this affect the person with alcoholism, but it affects their close relatives, and if they are young, their children could be more with FAC. This is another disease called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Before most alcoholics take another drink, they don't realize the harsh and harmful effects that it has on not just themselves, but their friends and family too.
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Family Struggles

When some in your family has the disease alcoholism, they can effect everyone in their family. Not only can their children have a greater chance of inheriting the disease, but their children don't want to spend time with their parent anymore. The kids feel neglected, abused, and lonely. They want to spend time with their parent, but the parent has become so addicted to the alcohol, that they forget what is important to them. Also, another big concern for a family is going broke. The person with the alcoholism wants to spend all of their money on liquor, and this could cause a family to become broke, with the worst part being the person still wants more! This is a huge family struggle and whoever has this disease needs to be cured and taken for help.
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This site explains what the disease of alcoholism is and goes into detail on the painful effects,

Jenna Geffert Odd Class Period B