Wonder Struck

By: Brian Selznick

630 pages (3rd person)

Strike your wonders with your family.

In 1977 Gun Flint, Minnesota one boy's life was about to change forever. Ben, a young teen, was about to find his lost family. He was about go out into the city and find his family, his origin, himself. His mom, a town librarian, lived her life to the fullest even though she had no husband and had a son that was deaf in one ear. She was the best mom in the world. Ben and his mom did everything together, until she passed away in a sudden car accident. After that he has been living in his cousin's house. One stormy night he couldn't resist the urge to relive the memories with his mom. And so he stepped into the house he was born and brought up in. On his mother's desk lied his mom's book Wonder Struck. In the book he found a note that ended with Love, Danny. On the back there was an address and, a phone number. As he dialed in the number on the note, the lightning struck him and he lost his hearing. From that day, he promised that he would find Danny, his father, but he would have to go to the big cities of New York with only his eyes to help him.

The theme of this story is your family is everything. That's why Ben is ready to give up everything to find his family.

This theme correlates to me because I use to take my family for granted until my grandma died and I realized in the value of family. Your family is everything, because they help shape your future. That connects to me because they taught me right from wrong. They are shaping me every day into a future leader. This book, I know will, make people open there eyes in the value of their family. So open your eyes with wonder struck and see the real value in family for a better future.