give more stricter gun control laws

we shouldnt be arming ourselfs like an army

way too many people die from gun violence every day

around 3200 people die every year due to the gun violence ( this includes homicides suicides etc. this number can have children accidently getting hold of the guns also)

this is starting to be a problem for all over the usa because mass shootings are happening more frequently

though I have no statistic or fact to prove this, villains, crazed killers, are getting these guns more easier then any law abiding citizen would, this is concerning,

see for example would you want to step out of your house not knowing whether or not your going to get shot in front of your porch or shopping at the mall

women should be arming themselfs for protection

women should have access to guns ( though they do they should at least have more access just hear me out) they should be able to protect themselves from crazy ex husbands, stalkers and etc. imagine your ex husband is mental and he wants to kill you because you took most of his, and since you don't have a gun how are you suppose to defend yourself against him? or even your significant other is abusive and he wants to beat you how you going to defend yourself.

only 40% of all arms in the usa go through a background checks

yeah you seen it only 40% of all fire arms being sold go through a background check where is the other 60%, probably In the black markets or getting sold to another person or friend now tell me this doesn't sound like a huge problem as it should be.