Come enjoy the beautiful coastline!!!

Location: Liberia is located on the west coast of Africa, between the countries Sierra Leon and Cote D'ivoire. The country has over 579km of coastline to come and enjoy.
Liberia is a tropical and humid country. The temperature rarely changes throughout the year. It rarely gets below 65 degrees. Although it's hot there is always a constant breeze. The countries physical features include swamps, lagoons,waterfalls, lakes and even low mountains. For example The Kpa-Tawe waterfalls and Gertylue Floral Park.

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How to fit in

The official language of Liberia is English though there are many tribes that speak their own dialect. The other tribes include the Kpelle, Loma and Grebo.

Some folkways of Liberia are that drums are the most used instrument, women marry between the age of 15 & 49, the maximum amount of wives a man may have is 4 and men have to pay a bride price before getting married to the woman of their choice. Also when you visit another country you have to know the things that they find offensive. Some in Liberia are, you cannot eat with your left hand because it is the hand you use in the bathroom, also following that you cannot present a gift or food with your left hand, you cannot drink directly out of a bottle and pointing is considered impolite.

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Many tribes hold different beliefs. The majority of citizens are Christians but there is also a small portion that is Muslim. In Liberia rice is the main crop but other crops include mangoes, plantain and cassava. Some of the main values in Liberia are:
  • You must always show respect to your elders
  • You must not show anger while you are in public.
  • It is considered offensive if you talk a lot during meals.

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Liberia has two subcultures and that is the Americo-Liberian and the indigenous Liberians.
Indigenous Liberians are the decedents of the people that took over the land before the African American settlers came. Americo-Liberians are mostly made up freed slave that came back to Africa.
A cultural diffusion that they have is head-ties, it is somewhat like a hat but a little more traditional and is worn by women. The Americo-Liberians brought many cultural changes from the U.S. You could say that Liberians are a little bit Americanized then other African countries.
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