Digital portfolio

Did anyone get responses from their PLN about digital portfolios?

Examples of digital portfolios go to my gcc - super samples page

During class, we will be working to create:

  • Welcome/Homepage - introduction about who you are and a professional pic
  • About me - introduction about you, your background, future goals, etc. Think about including a slideshow of pics
  • Resume - Under construction
  • Contact me - include twitter, professional email, etc
  • Clearances - with text stating "Available upon request"
  • Danielson framework - leave blank for now.
  • Teaching philosophy - leave blank for now.

Create the following subpages

  • Domain 1 Planning and preparation
  • Domain 2: Classroom environment
  • Domain 3: Instruction
  • Domain 4: Professional responsibilties

Subpages of subpages:

Big image

Digital portfolio sign ups

You will need to present your digital portfolio on 12/4. You must choose 3 time slots that work best for you with the first option being your best. I will try to honor your first or second choice. If none of these times work for you on 12/4 please see me ASAP.