Welcome Future Chargers!

Central Middle School's Virtual New Student Orientation


The situation that we are faced with today is unprecedented and many of us never expected something like this to be happening. While leaders at all different levels are continuing to monitor the situation and make announcements or update guidelines regularly, we at Central Middle School continue to prepare and plan to ensure the best educational opportunities for ALL of our students and this includes our FUTURE CHARGERS.

With this in mind, we have created this "Virtual New Student Orientation" to replace the typical orientation that we hold in April every year for our incoming 7th-grade class.

Most of the information that we share is general to CMS but there are some specific dates that are related to the start of the school year. Please keep in mind that BCSC is continuing to monitor the Covid-19 Crisis and these dates or procedures may still change.

CMS New Student Orientation Video

The video below highlights a number of topics that families and students who are new to CMS would need to know to have a successful start to the school year. There will be overviews of daily schedules, extra-curricular, and introductions to office staff, in addition to a number of other topics.

The hope of the video is to mimic the information that families would gain at the typical Spring Orientation.

CMS New Student Orientation

CMS Building Tour

The Spring Orientation usually includes a building tour, so since that is not a possibility right now we created a video tour to show our families the many benefits and highlights of the CMS building. The video will also introduce families to the drop-off/arrival procedures at CMS.
Central Middle School Building Tour

Meet the Front Office Staff!

Schedule Pick Up

Monday, Aug. 3rd, 12-6pm

725 7th Street

Columbus, IN

This is a time for students to come into the building, pick up their schedule and then have the option to walk around the building to see where their classes are.

Central Middle School Open House

Wednesday, Aug. 5th, 6:30-8pm

725 7th Street

Columbus, IN

Open House for CMS families to meet teachers and gain a better understanding of what the school year will look like. Schedules will be available for pick-up if needed.