Media Impacts You

By: Ben Gamble

Positivity Always Wins

Does media really have a strong impact on your future?

Media can affect you in a negative or positive way.

They can both impact you in a variety of different ways. Media is a main center for tweens and they are so addicted to it.

Tweens between the ages of 9-14 often imitate what they see on TV. Tweens think that by imitating what they see on television will entertain themselves or tell them what they want to be when they grow up. It is not good for tweens to imitate what they see because it could lead to really bad causes in their future. Tweens need to look at the positivity that TV expresses. The tweens need to learn the differences between what is a good or bad impact.

This says a lot about what your future will be.

There are positive and negative impacts about watching media. Positive impacts on TV can be life lessons or stories that can teach you a valuable lesson. They can also teach you to do good things for other people (older or younger people). Negative impacts can be watching violent shows and imitating what the people in the movies do. It could lead to really bad causes that affect your future. Negative impacts can also be like a tween pretending to shoot a gun after watching a show such as Home Alone 3 , Star Wars , or any other movies that may follow. It is not good for tweens to imitate what they see because then they will start acting it out all the time and then it will most likely be their future life.

Can media really do that much to your future, is it really that big of a problem? Media can really do a lot to your future and it also really impacts the way you think about how you are going to spend your life when you grow up. Remember, do not let the negativity impact when you over/ knock you off your feet. Always choose the positive pathway!

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