How To Display Daily Announcements

Project the announcements in advisory & work on your tablet!

Are you struggling with how to show the daily announcements during advisory because you need to use your tablet to complete other tasks? Ms. Gallett has the solution!

Multiple Displays Using Your Teacher Tablet

On your teacher work/docking station:

  • Right-click on your background.
  • Choose “Screen Resolution”.
  • Under “Display” choose “1|2. Multiple Monitors”.
  • Under “Multiple Displays” choose “Duplicate desktop on 1 and 2”.
  • Select “Apply” (and, if prompted, “Keep these changes”).
Big image

Now you are ready to show the announcements!

  • Open your PowerPoint.
  • The document should open on your tablet screen. If it opens on your big monitor, simply drag it to the left, so it is on your tablet screen.
  • In PowerPoint, click “Slide Show”.
  • CHECK: “Monitor” = Primary Monitor.
  • DO NOT CHECK: “Use Presenter View”.
  • Click “From Beginning” on the left.
Big image

Your announcements will now run on their own on your SmartBoard and on your tablet while you work on e-mails and grading using your monitor!

Thank you, Ms. Gallett for this useful tip!