The Four Seasons

Come connect with nature and all it's beauty.


We are located in a deciduous forest , our camp grounds are the most serene parts of the forest.We have many different activities for children and adults.We have arts and crafts , wildlife watching, fishing, rafting, mushroom hunting, hiking, bird watching camping, hang gliding,horse back riding,and stargazing.

The Wildlife

The wildlife has to have adaption because of the four seasons that occur in the deciduous forest.They must be able to cope with cold winters and hot summers.Some animals hibernate or migrate during the winter to escape the cold.

The Vegetation

We have various types of plants in our beautiful forest.We have american beech, carpet moss, lime trees, guelder rose, lady fern, northern arrow wood, pecan trees, shag bark , hickory, tawny milk cap mushrooms, white birch, and white oak.

The plants have to adapt to there environment.The trees loose their leaves and grow them back when the winter ends.In the cold winter, deciduous trees and plants go into dormancy.

The Weather

The climate in this biome (deciduous forest) is moderate.The summers are comfortably warm.The winters are some times below freezing. The springs are humid but cool once the sun sets, and the falls are moderate because in the day time it could be hot but when night fall comes it could be cool.

The average temperature in summer would be 70 degrees Fahrenheit.In winter it would be from 50 degrees and under.In spring and fall it would be 50 degrees and up.

The average rainfall in summer is 18 inches.In winter it would be 14 inches.In spring and fall it would be 15 inches.

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We are open all season long:Spring ,Summer,Winter,and Fall

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