By: Aimon Anwar

1. Definition

A magnet attracts iron (or other materials). Magnets have a north and south pole and display properties of magnetism.

2. Examples

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Screwdriver's tip
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Refrigerator Magnets

3. Magnet Materials

Iron- found in iron ore (mines in the heartland)

Nickle- most nickle is in Earth's core

4. Types of Magnets

  • Electromagnet- A magnet that only attracts metal when generated with electricity
  • Permanent- A material that is ALWAYS magnetic
  • Ferromagnet- A material that needs to be magnetized. This material is easily magnetized.

5. Scientists

  1. Thales
    - Year: 620 B.C.
    - Facts: Thales wrote scientific reports about lodestone quantities. He lived between 625 B.C. to about 545 B.C. He was Greek and Aristotle gave him credit for discovering magnetism.
  2. Pliny the Elder
    - Year: Unknown
    - Facts: Pliny was the first to describe the properties of lodestone. He lived between 23 A.D. AND 79 A.D. He was Roman.

6. Uses

  • Magnetic compasses used for direction
  • Toasters (electromagnet)
  • Wind Mills (generator)
  • Fans (motors)
  • Used in speakers (convert electrical energy to sound)


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