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As Luck Would Have it: Resources for Gold Standard PBL

Gold Standard PBL Coming to FLES

As Flippen continues to embark upon the PBL journey, I thought that this month we would explore resources and tools to help to support this practice. Please remember that if you have questions, a dilemma, or just want to share successes regarding PBL I am here to help, listen, and celebrate along with you and your students!

Helpful Hints, Cheerful Reminders

Reflection is Golden

Send Your Students' Over the Rainbow with These Two Product Tools: VOKI And POW Toon

VOKI is an awesome tool for students to use to demonstrate their learning. While it would be a great choice of product for a PBL unit, it could also be a choice for other classroom scenarios. The program has built in characters, voices, and settings. Students are able to choose a character, type in the script, choose the voice and the background, and voila, the product is complete. Voki is free, while Voki classroom is a paid feature. Students could definitely use the free version. Pow Toon is another great way that students can create a product to demonstrate mastery. With many templates and styles available for free, your students will love making their very own movie. Both of these tools could also be used from home and could be uploaded to a Youtube channel to share.

Articles to Deepen Understanding and Spark Ideas

What a treasure! Great Example of PBL in 3rd Grade!

The following video, edited by Tube Chop, shows clips of 3rd graders from a charter school in Atlanta go through the learning process of PBL.

Video Below: BIE Hangout- Managing Projects

In this video, several teachers, who are also BIE staff members, are interviewed for strategies specifically related to PBL. One of these teachers is from The Katherine Smith School, which is a school in California where several teachers and other professionals from our district have visited. This video is 30 minutes long, but there are some great strategies discussed and the participants offer great tips for managing projects!

Managing Projects

Managing Projects in Elementary Schools